Crew and Families of Medevac 12

Walt McNees


Walt was the Aircraft Commander on Medevac 12 14 Feb. 1969. Retired, Walt lives with his family in Asheboro N.C.

Dave Adams


Dave was the Pilot on that fateful day, having arrived in Viet Nam the month prior. Dave lives in Fredricksburg Va. and is active in the USCG reserve. 

Ralph Tutrani


Ralph served as the Door Gunner in the 1st Air Cavalry Divisions' 15th Medical Battalion. Ralph was shot thru his hand as he was boarding the rescue helicopter. 

Eric Berla


Eric was the regular Aircraft Commander of the crew but rotated out of Vietnam the month prior to the shoot down. Eric has been a staunch advocate of the crew and mission as the TMHH project evolved. 

Gary Dubach family


Gary died as he exited the downed ship to set up a defensive perimeter in defense of his crew. Gary was highly regarded as a Crew chief and soldier by his commanders and peers. Gary was awarded the Air Medal for his exemplary service

Stephen Schumacher family


Stephen was the Medic aboard Medevac 12. Stepehn was coming to the aid of Gary Dubach when he was killed. Stephen was the epitomy of the Battalions motto "So others may live" Steve was awarded the bronze star for his extrodinary service.