Board of Directors


Dave Barron - CEO/Director

Co-Founder of LHL - U.S. Army Air Cavalry OH-58 Scout  & UH-1 Crew Chief / Mechanic. Retired Los Angeles County Firefighter Paramedic. Airplane & Helicopter pilot, A&P Mechanic. Former Volunteer mechanic and pilot Wings and Rotors Air Museum. Former  SAR pilot & Past Commander  MCSO Air Posse


Paula Barron - CFO/Director

Co-Founder of LHL -  Private Pilot, Manager- Volunteer services at Benevilla, Emergency Medical Tech. for MCSO Posse, Medical instructor, Past Chairwoman The 99's Womens Pilots Association of Phoneix,  Past volunteer Pilot Wings and Rotors Air Museum, 


Michael "Craig" Clary -Director

Co-Founder of LHL Former Volunteer Wings and Rotors,  Planes of Fame and Carolina's Air Museums. Webmaster, Ground Coordinator Anderson RAP airshows, Director Southern FAC Museum project.


David R. Adams-Director

A Texas native and life long Aviator,  Dave has led an exemplary life of service.  From flying Medevac missions in Vietnam  to his recent departure as Commodore of Dist. 5, Southern Region of the USCG Auxiliary Dave is an example of dedication and commitment.  

Our Awesome Volunteers


Scott Hurst - Veteran U. S. Army Aviator

Pilot, A&P Mechanic. Scott is a graduate of  U.S. Army's helicopter training program at Fort Rucker, Ala. He currently flies tours over Sedona Arizona. Scott is building his own OH-58C 


Ron Dwight - Master Aviation Fabricator

Ron has built 3 Huey helicopters from the surplus shells we receive. His skill in sheet metal fabrication compliment his keen eye to "put her right". 


Carl Long - Veteran USMC Aviation

SSGT USMC Avionics Tech UH-1N/AH-!W Helicopters. Aviation Electrician, QA & CDI, Metal fabricator. The most talented all-around mechanic we've ever met !!!


Jake Lucas - Drive Train restoration specialist

Jake holds down 2 jobs to support his family. He nonetheless supports our work in the hanger.  He can take our drivetrain components from scrap to serviceable like no other


Joe McClusky - Veteran USMC

- Fabricator


Tyler Davis - Mechanic Apprentice


Audree Davis - Management Intern

Currently attending the Air Traffic Mangement degree program at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Prescott Az.  Wildland Firefighter and Manager at Culvers. Solo student Pilot. 


Dave Vailancourt- Veteran USAF

Retired master Sgt. USAF Aircraft Mechanic, Retired Northwest Orient Airlines. A&P Mechanic.


Ron Dwights Grand daughters

In the true spirit of Rosie the Riveter the girls came out to help, giving us a chance to share Ron's wonderful photograph. .



Anthony Keith Clary
Born and partly raised in Hemet, California
has been volunteering on the restoration of O-2A Skymaster 7646 since August 2nd 2015



Jake is our newest volunteer and driver extraordinaire. He lifts, places and moves our heavy items and is a master mechanic, talents we so appreciate everyday. 


Mark Kyllingstad

A Retired Fire Captain Mark, also known as Killer served in the U.S. Navy as a machinist. He is also a pilot and Airframe and Powerplant mechanic. 


WEST_MEC Students

 Airframe and Powerplant mechanic students have volunteered to assist at our hanger. These talented high school students are able to study vocational course while attending high school. Upon graduation they will be fully licensed aircraft mechanics. learn more at