Our Aircraft


Hiller OH-23B 54-2923  was acquired in 2017 and transferred to the Frank Luke Museum. It is being restored at the West-Mec facility


OH-23D 61-3169 will be located at the LHL Southern FAC Museum project in Anderson S.C.


In storage at Glendale MAP for future restoration. 


a mystery ship we have not been able to find any clue to it's serial number. She remains a donor and future project. 


Bell OH-58A 70-15569 is on loan to LHL. Owned by Dave Barron, this ship is being restored to an A model. Dave began his aviation career serving as a Aero-scout crewchief and Observer in this type of aircraft. 


This restoration is headed by Scott Hurst. While this aircraft was assigned to the flight school at Fort Rucker Ala. Scott, an Army trained OH-58 Mechanic and then Pilot flew this very helicopter on his night vision goggle check ride. . 

Bell Jet Ranger

This civilian Bell 206BIII is in restoration as an interactive display to promote interest in aviation at events. 

Memorial UH-1H

This Viet Nam veteran  huey was mounted on it's display pedestal 30 Oct. 2017 please stop by to see it at Rio Vista Park Peoria, Az.  (it's navigation lights are on at night)


UH-1D 62-2108 was our first Huey. On loan from Cal Rotor Support and Monte Schafer 108 has been seen by thousands  at parades and shows. 108 was the backdrop helicopter seen in most interviews in the Take Me Home Huey film


UH-1H 67-17174 owned by LHL is the Iconic and historic Huey that has the Take Me Home Huey vinyl wrap applied to the outside. A complete wreck when we bought it, the original fabrication work that makes up the helicopter is a testimony to the skill and dedication of our Volunteers. 

UH-1B Gunship

Know as "The Good Widow Jones' in Viet Nam 63-8733's restoration is helped by pictures of the ship while she flew in Viet Nam.  The Widow is nearing completion and will be our traveling ambassador. 

UH-1B donor

All restoration require donor ships. This UH-1B is such a donor. Many parts will be salvaged to get The Widow and other helicopters back in shape. 


A Veteran of Viet Nam, USMC UH-34D 150557 flew with HMM-362. Known as YL-31 when in Vietnam, the Sikorsky is undergoing restoration outside as she is HUGE!


 O-2A 69-7646 The 475th O-2 built out of 498, it is the 46th O-2 in the 1969 serial number block. 7646 is in Restoration in Anderson. 

H-25 / HUP-2 Retriever Tandem Rotor Helicopter

 Manufactured by Piasecki Helicopter Corporation in Morton, Pennsylvania. Delivered to the U.S. Navy April 30, 1954 and is being restored in Anderson

McCullough J-2 Gyrocopter

Marv and Sarah Wessel (pictured) donated the museum quality ship to LHL in 2016. The American Helicopter Museum in Westchester Pa. accepted delivery of the ship in Oct. 2017. 

Ron's "Hickory Hueuy"

Ron, a Master Carpenter took measurements from our UH-1 fleet and created this fantastic piece of art. Handmade from various woods and materials the Huey was donated to the Patton Museum Chiriaco Summit Calif. in 2016

U.S. Army TH-55A project

Some of our aircraft come a piece at a time. We are collecting the parts for this TH-55A. What you don't see is what we need. All aircraft and parts/materials graciously accepted and put to good use.